Leben CS 300F集成放大器

Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company CS 300F
Leben CS 300F集成放大器

前段时间,日本公司林根在英国的在线社区中有一段短暂的活动。该公司的CS 300x集成放大器突然是论坛的宠儿。尽可能多地学到了他们的成本,这通常意味着一小数产品购买了二手并再次转售时间,并在每个箱子换档中再次尝试了那个社区。他们搬上了,但林根回来了......公司的最新CS 300F集成放大器标志。

根据您的观点,Leben使拥有永恒的经典吸引力的常绿音频产品,或者使您呼吁遭受破坏年龄的设计的复古产品。无论哪种方式并不重要,但如果他们是20世纪80年代风格的亚光黑色最低尺寸或漂亮过度的风扇,没有人会买林根;CS 300F的外观和感觉 - 与所有林根模型一样 - 非常来自立体声的黄金时代。With its Canadian white ash side cheeks – used for ‘baseball bats and oars for low boats’, apparently – brushed gold knobs and dials and matching front and rear panels (with green accent for the product details), the CS 300F looks about as 1960s as Mini Coopers and Mini Skirts.

CS 300F可能看起来经典传统,但这种全阀门设计使用了一些明显的非标准表。Where most designs (including Leben’s own CS 300X(S) model) might use something like two pairs of EL84s as power output tubes to achieve its modest-yet-meaty 15W per channel, the CS 300F uses two pairs of JAN 6197/6CL6 valves made by General Electric. This power pentode valve from 1954 was a dual-use design; although it was made to be used as a Class A amplifier valve, its primary use was in early digital computers, as it was designed to be robust enough to survive being switched between full operation and cut-off. In fact, the prefix ‘JAN’ comes from ‘Joint Army/Navy’, so the JAN 6197 was intended for Cold War military computational use. Because it is considered a computer valve, its use in an audio capacity was all but overlooked, but the joy of this valve in audio is its linearity and reliability. Leben invested in large numbers of NOS (new, old stock) JAN 6197 valves because there are no modern aftermarket models available. The two double triode driver valves are from a more conventional provenance; they are Hitachi 17EW8. This high-gain radio tube was also known as the HCC85 and was also produced by RCA and Mullard. As with the JAN 6197, it’s not in current production and Leben has stockpiled NOS Hitachi valves for users. The amplifier is fully self-biasing.