Arya Audia Labs Revopod减震脚

Arya Audia Labs Revopod减震脚

世界有时是一个有趣的地方。Arya Audio是一家英国的公司,使高性能电缆和阻尼脚(以及寻找扬声器的创新驱动单元!)。这些产品是在欧洲设计和制造的,但在香港等地方仍然很着名,在那里他们是高度珍贵的。这即将改变,因为这两个评论中的第一个评论 - 关于公司的创新的Revopod - 希望展示。

忽视那些从数量纠缠到Cthulhu的人试图证明他们的设计时,当音频制造商开始说话时,他们似乎有许多人似乎呼吁航空航天行业,但有些真正的成功案例较少‘Bonkers’ approach and come from people who have real mechanical engineering chops. This is perhaps why Arthur Marker (MSc in Engineering Acoustics), and his team of engineers, researchers and designers look to a more civil engineering solution to combating vibration: the pot bearing. This type of bearing is used because it provides efficient damping through the compression of a compact, confined elastomeric disc that affords some horizontal displacement. In other words, rather than trying to fix the component rigidly in place, the RevOpod bearing allows for limited and damped movement in all directions. This controls vibration, significantly reducing distortion in the process. Turning this from ‘concept’ to ‘RevOpod’ still required a lot of prototyping and iterative development to apply perfectly to the audio world, but the results are worth it.

在我们用于高端防振脚的情况下,每个Revopod都由35个单独的部件制成,加工到非常高的质量。当然,通过您选择选择的铬和黑色的四种变体(有或没有对比的金),这闪耀着。但是,在丰富的磨砺之下有很多干扰配件,这使得非常精确的减振仪器。高度调整 - 例如 - 由外圈制成,通过一系列50μm咔嗒声驱动活塞。Revopod坐在杯形德雷氏脚上。